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"In the Raw" Article by the Chico News & Review

For the first time in my life, about 16 years ago in San Francisco, a friend persuaded me to eat slices of raw fish splayed over a white rice ball, in soy sauce, and with lots of wasabi mortared around the piece.

I had always recoiled at the idea of eating uncooked fish. Yet in spite of irrational culinary preconceptions and fear of the unknown, what I had previously thought “yucky” turned out to be my absolutely favorite thing to eat.

“Open thy mind, Grasshopper.”

So when I found out recently (and much belatedly) that the Rice Bowl was serving Japanese food in addition to Chinese, we of the Cult of Sushi answered the siren call and were pleasantly rewarded.

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Starving Student: Worth remembering; hot and sour soup for lunch at the Rice Bowl

By TERCIUS BUFETE - 12/3/2013 - Chicoer.com

This is the first year I wasn't with my family for Thanksgiving. We usually did the traditional holiday stuff, except we shopped online and leftover ham somehow found its way into fried rice. But the one tradition I longed for most this week was the weekend after Thanksgiving; when my brother would bring home a couple of boxes of baked Cha Shao Bao buns, filled with savory barbecue pork, from Chinatown in Los Angeles.

That's the cool thing about Chinese food: Most of us have at least one fond memory associated with sweet and sour pork. For me, one of my fondest in Chico had to be that one dinner at Peeking with a bunch of old friends when we shared the largest bottle of sake on the menu, had three or four beers, and left the restaurant with only $20 worth of damage each. (Oh, Chico prices, I think I'll miss you most of all.) But as it is my final semester at Chico State University, I wanted to continue making memories by finding new places to eat. Just a short drive down The Esplanade, I found Rice Bowl.

The restaurant walks the line between Tarantino-esque, kitschy Chinese and upscale dining. Everything from the red walls, to the florally decorated green carpet, the tapestry on the ceiling, the red dividers and the mirrors with frosted Chinese script practically yelled "this-is-not-a-burger-joint." The locale itself is a curiosity, blending menus influenced by Chinese and Japanese cultures. So, if there's ever a disagreement on whether to have sashimi or Kung Pao beef, I think I found the solution.
Rice Bowl may just have the best lunch special I have encountered in Chico. The restaurant's lunch menu consists of four sections: three tiers of Chinese plates and one section devoted to Japanese bentos. The Chinese sections were divided into $5.95, $6.95 and $7.95 chunks and the entirety of the bento boxes were a dollar over my $8 budget.

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