Bacon Wrapped Shrimp -6- 7.95  
Spring Rolls -Vegetable Egg Rolls- -3- 4.25  
  Crispy Won Tons -with Sweet & Sour Sauce- -6- 4.25  
  Cream Cheese Won Tons with Imperial Crab -4- 5.25  
  Pot Stickers -cooked on a wok- -6- 6.25  
  BBQ Pork 6.95  
  Foil Wrapped Chicken -6- 6.95  
  Fried Prawns -6- 7.95  
  Chicken Salad -Sesame Dressing- 7.95  
  Salt & Pepper Fried Squid 8.95  
  Mu Shu -Chicken, Pork, or Veg- 8.95  
  Minced Lettuce Wraps -4- -Chicken, Pork, or Veg- 8.95  
  Shrimp Chips 4.95  
  Green Bean Fries 6.75  
  Spicy Chicken Wings

Appetizer Combo: Foil Wrapped Chicken, Cheese Won Tons, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Spring Rolls, BQQ Pork 11.95

  Soups Cup Bowl
  Soup of the Day 2.50 6.75
  Won Ton Sour 2.95 6.95
  Hot & Sour Soup 2.95 6.95
  Egg Flower Soup   6.45
  Pork Noodles with vegetables   6.95
  Sizzling Rice Soup   7.95
  -Shrimp, Chicken, Vegetables, & Crispy Rice-    
  Wor Won Ton Soup   7.95
  -Shrimp, Chicken, BBQ Pork & Vegetables-    
   West Lake Beef Soup

  Chef's Specials    
  Three Delights 11.45  
  -Shrimp, Chicken, Geer & Vegetables, sauteed in Special Sauce-    
  Kung Pao Three Delights 11.45  
  -Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Peanuts & Vegetables in Chili Paste-    
  Sizzling Black Pepper Steak 11.95  
  -pepper, very delicious-    
  Prawns with Fresh Garlic 11.95  
  -simliar to Shrimp Scampi, crowned with broccoli-    
  Filet of Sole in Black Bean 11.95  
  -battered, fried & cooked in a Black Bean Sauce-    
  Sizzling Shrimp 12.45  
  -Shrimp & Vegetables-    
  Sizzling Triple Crown 11.95  
  -Shrimp, Chicken, Pork & Vegetables-    
  Rice Bowl Special 12.95  
  -Shrimp, Scallops, BBQ Pork, Chicken & Vegetable in mild sauce-    
  Double Scallop Delight 13.95  
  -prepared 2 ways: fried & sauteed in White Sauce-    
  Butterfly Prawns 13.95  
  -with bacon, bread crumbs, ground peanuts, in S & S sauce-    
  Double Seafood Delight 13.95  
  -shrimp with lobster sauce & scallops with oyster sauce-    
  Double Flounder Delight 17.95  
  -whole flounder prepared 2 ways: fried and sauteed-    
  Peking Duck -with Hoisin Sauce- whole -12 buns- 22.95  
  Peking Duck-with Hoisin Sauce- half -6 buns- 12.95  
  Honey Garlic Ribs

Golden Desert Short Ribs 11.95

-Beef Short Ribs Cooked Salt & Pepper Style with fried garlic zing-

Honey Walnut Shrimp -with candied walnuts- 11.95  
  Kung Pao Shrimp 10.95  
  Cashew Shrimp 10.95  
  Shrimp with Broccoli 10.95  
Shrimp with Snow Peas 10.95  
  Szechuan Shrimp -deep fried- 11.95  
  Sweet & Sour Shrimp 11.95  
  Salt & Pepper Fish Filet 11.95  
  Szechuan Scallops 12.95  
  Scallops with oyster Sauce 12.95  
  Kung Pao Scallops 12.95  
  Sauteed Scallops in Garlic
  Deep Fried Scallops 12.95  
Sweet & Sour Pork 8.95  
  BBQ Pork with Snow Peas 8.95  
  Szechuan Pork -deep fried & special sauce- 8.95  
  Hot Garlic Pork -with bamboo & black fungus- 8.95  
  Peking Ribs 10.45  
  Salt & Pepper Ribs 10.45  
  Pork Egg Foo Yung 8.95  
  Szechuan Beef 9.95  
  Beef & Asparagus 9.95  
Broccoli Beef 8.95  
  Pepper Steak 8.95  
  Mongolian Beef 8.95  
  Snow Peas Beef 8.95  
  Kung Pao Beef 8.95  
  Beef & Tofu 8.95  
   Ginger Beef

Walnut Chicken -white meat- 10.95  
  -coated, fried, in a sweet sauce & candied walnuts-    
  Orange Chicken 9.95  
  General Tao's Chicken 9.95  
  Chicken & Asparagus in White Sauce 9.95  
  Brandy Fried Chicken -6- 9.95  
  Kung Pao Chicken 8.95  
Cashew or Almond Chicken 8.95  
  Mushroom Chicken 8.95  
  Hot Garlic Chicken 8.95  
Sweet & Sour Chicken 8.95  
Curry Chicken 8.95  
  Lemon Chicken 8.95  
Sesame Chicken 8.95  
  Dry Braised Chicken 8.95  
  Mongolian Chicken 8.95  
  Chicken Egg Foo Yung 8.95  
  Garlic Chicken & Vegetables 8.95  
  Chow Mein & Chow Fun    
  -Chow Mein Options-
Regular Chow Mein will be served with Pan Fried Noodles, s softer noddle stie fried together in the dish.
Crispy Fried Noodles, same noodle only witha crispy deep fried layer, served under the toppings
Hong Kong Style Noodles, thin egg noodles pan fried crispy served under the stir fry choice, add $1
Howard's Special Chow Mein 9.45  
  -BBQ Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Cashews & Vegetables-    
  Shrimp Chow Mein 8.45  
  Chicken, Beef, or BBQ Pork Chow Mein 7.95  
  Beef & Tomato Chow Mein 7.95  
  Vegetable Chow Mein 7.95  
  Chow Fun -Chicken, Beef or BBQ Pork- 8.95  
  Shrimp or Combination Chow Fun 9.95  
  Crispy Noodles -just noodles- 2.95  
  Pan Fried Noodles -just noodles- 3.95  
  Hong Kong Friend Noodles 3.95  
  Snow Peas with Mushrooms 7.95  
  Eggplant in Hot Gralic Sauce 7.95  
  4 Seasons String Beans 7.95  
  String Beans in Garlic Sauce 7.95  
  Tofu with Vegtables 7.95  
  Vegetable Egg Foo Yung 7.95  
  Ma Po Tofu 7.95  
  Kung Pao Tofu 7.95  
  Broccoli with Mushrooms 7.95  
Braised Tofu, Chinese Greens & Black Mushrooms 8.95  
Combination Vetetables 7.95  
Howard's Special Fried Rice 8.95  
  -BBQ Pork, Chicken & Shrimp-    
  Shrimp Fried Rice 7.95  
  Chicken, Beef, or BBQ Pork Fried Rice 6.95  
  Steamed Rice large 2.95
    small 1.25
   Brown Rice


  Kids Meal -for children 12 & under-    
  Includes: Pork Fried Rice, Spring Roll and Sweet & Sour Wonton    
  Choice Of: Chicken Chow Mein or
Sweet & Sour Pork
  Create Your own Entree Special    
  -select any one item from our Entree Menu to create you own favorite gourmet meal- add 3.50 to Entree Price  

Soup of the Day
Spring Roll
Foil Wrapped Chicken
Sweet & Sour Won Ton
Pork Fried Rice

  Family Style Dinners    
  A Special 11.45 per person  
  Soup: Soup of the Day    
Spring Roll
Sweet & Sour Wontons
Foil Wrapped Chicken
Pork Fried Rice
Swee & Sour Pork
Howard's Special Chow Mein
  B Special -minimum two orders- 13.45 per person  

Hot & Sour Soup or
Won Ton Soup

Sring Rolls
Sweet & Sour Wontons
Foil Wrapped Chicken
Cashew Chicken
Sweet & Sour Pork
Howard's Chow Mein
Pork Fried Rice
For 3 Add: Fried Prawns
For 4 Add: Beef Broccoli
For 5 Add: Peking Ribs
For 6: Add: Honey Walnut Shrimp
  C Special -minimum 2 orders- 15.95 per person  
Sizzling Rice Soup or
Wor Won Ton Soup
Fired Prawns
BBQ Pork
Cream Cheese Won Tons
Walnut Shrimp
Black Pepper Steak
Howard's Fried Rice or Howards' Chow Mein
For 3 Add: Minced Chicken Lettuce Wraps
For 4 Add:Peking Ribs or Orange Chicken
For 5 Add: Szechuan Scallops or Garlic Prawns
For 6 Add: Peking Duck orGolden Desert Short Ribs
  Tatmi Rooms are available
[$5 fee waved with a $65 purchase]
18% Gratuity may be added to parties 10 or more and also for parties with separate checks.
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